Top 5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers is a Winner

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in today’s manufacturing marketplace. The effectiveness of trade shows and traditional marketing tactics aren’t what they use to be. Online advertising, blogging, social media and other web-based digital tools have changed the marketing landscape in ways that are both perplexing and promising. Possibilities abound, assuming manufacturers can take advantage of these new tools without getting bogged down in the ever more complicated details.

This is where inbound marketing comes in. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but aren’t completely sure what the term means. In short, inbound marketing is a strategy for attracting customers to products and services with content marketing, social media and search engine optimization.
It’s personalized and offers highly tailored content to engage prospects at various stages of the sales cycle, and in turn, delivers highly qualified leads.

Here’s Why Inbound Marketing Works for Manufacturing Companies:

1. It Captures Prospects Early in the Sales Cycle.The longer the sales cycle is, the more research prospects will do. From initial awareness to final decision, the sales cycle involves a range of interactions with prospective suppliers and a number of consideration points. Inbound marketing targets prospects throughout this cycle, making it a perfect fit for technology and manufacturing companies, whose success relies on higher levels of research and trust in a product or service before making a purchase.

2. It’s Automated. The inbound marketing process begins by defining your ideal customers using buyer personas and proceeds by delivering content on a systematic basis. Content is automated and personalized based on prospect behavior, keeping the workload to a minimum while maximizing the effectiveness of your messaging.

3. It’s Measurable. With inbound there is no guess work. Every visit, click and engagement is tracked, so it’s easy to measure the return on investment. You’ll have access to detailed analytics, such as cost per lead and cost per customer.

4. It Generates Highly Qualified Leads. Because prospects have been thoroughly educated through the entire buying cycle, inbound leads are more qualified and sales ready than traditional marketing leads.

5. It’s Cost Effective. According to a study by Search Engine Journal, inbound marketing leads cost 60% less than traditional advertising. In essence, Inbound can do the work of multiple sales people at a fraction of the cost.

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