Five Digital Marketing Tips to Ring In the New Year

Welcome to 2018 – the year you’ve promised yourself that you’ll get your business-to-business digital marketing act together. Not just tweak your website or upgrade your email program, but really take a serious, hard look at your digital marketing strategy and elevate it to a higher level.

Advancing your brand, selling your products or services and reaching out to present and prospective customers digitally has never been more important; fortunately, there has never been so much wisdom available to guide you through it. Now that we’ve settled in to the new year, there is no better time to make it all happen.

So, when it comes to moving your B2B digital marketing program to the next phase, where do you start? No need to panic; help is on the way. We’ve put together some essential, tangible tactics that you can begin to implement right away to upgrade your marketing and begin to see results quickly and quantifiably.

Drum roll, please: Here are our Top Five Digital Marketing Tactics for 2018!

Marketing Automation.This is one of your most powerful inbound marketing tools, but if it’s not planned, applied and executed properly, it can be ineffective, cost serious dollars, and waste lots of time. Marketing Automation software, such as HubSpot or Marketo,allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase efficiency and grow revenue faster.Today there are nearly 11 times more B2B marketers implementing Marketing Automation programs than just seven years ago. From blogs, content offers, email nurturing and social media to website interaction, Marketing Automation can reduce overhead, increase traffic and leads, and improve the overall marketing functions of your business. In short, look closely at Marketing Automation; it’s an indispensable tool today, and down the line.

2. Account-based Marketing. Relying on sites such as LinkedIn greatly enhances your ability to automate and effectively execute highly targeted social media campaigns. Based on strong analytics, Account-based Marketing (ABM) allows you to reach decision makers at your target accounts with precise messages formulated specifically for them. This strategic approach allows you to drive highly qualified leads.

3. Video.Video is no longer a “nice-to-have” … it’s a “must-have.” These days, short (one to two minutes, tops) “explainer” videos are created to provide value-added information, assist with demand generation and to drive sales efforts. These are typically deployed either as web postings, trade show booth content, face-to-face presentations or broadcast commercials. From styles such as motion graphics, 3D, live action and whiteboard animation techniques, videos are an essential component of your overall digital marketing program.

4. Chatbots.Simply put, Chatbots are interactive website pop-ups that prompt a conversation between a marketer – YOU – and a potential customer. Whether it’s using video or a simple type-in message box initiating a back-and-forth to gauge interest or answer questions, Chatbots are on the increase and can only help fuel your lead generation efforts. They can even be programmed to automatically answer common questions. They’re friendly, useful and effective in elevating your digital marketing program.

5. Influencer Marketing.Communicating a powerful marketing message is important. Having an influential person communicate your message digitally to target demographics can be an even more potent way to reach prospects – and convert them into customers. Brands naturally gravitate to influencers as vital links to new customers. In 2018, this trend will accelerate via social media. Test the waters, follow the rules, and jump into the Influencer Marketing game to give your digital marketing program the energy it needs to thrive and produce results.

A new year means new opportunities to capitalize on the latest trends in digital marketing. Don’t be afraid to integrate any or all of these tips into your marketing program. If you have questions regarding how to best create and implement any of the above tools, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help!

See you on the Internet!!

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