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Brainstorm operates as a seamless extension of your marketing team. We can be strategically involved in your plans from the inception, or function as an extra pair of hands to implement key tactics whenever you need us. Our team is comprised of innovative creators, coders, strategists and storytellers. Together, we find the pulse of your brand and put our talents to work to create beautiful designs and impactful marketing campaigns that transform and elevate your brand’s presence and value.

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We work with businsses and brands of all sizes, from rocket-fueled startups to the Fortune 500.

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Pillars of Hope for SEO
Here’s another great way to drive up your organic search rankings. Create pillar pages. Also known as a power page, or a content pillar, a pillar page is a robust page on your website that serves as a centralized hub for a deep dive on a particular topic. Search engine algorithms go gaga for them—and they’ll help shoot your rankings through the roof. Read more on what they are and how to get started here:
Happy Father's Day from your friends at Brainstorm. Have a fun and relaxing day!
With Paid Search ads, negative keywords can yield positive results. Knowing when to use them, and why, reduces costly waste in search campaigns by blocking keywords that are not relevant to your product, service or target audience.

Quick example: Keywords like “free, cheap or DIY,” are likely devastating for a B2B campaign. So, you exclude them from search campaigns, preventing wasted time and money. This is just one example, you'll likely need hundreds of negatives to effectively stop wasteful spend!

Ready to turn some negatives into positives? Talk to us about Google and Bing ads management and maximizing your B2B marketing budget!
Today and every day, we’re inspired by the brave men and women who have served our great country and made the ultimate sacrifice.
Have you ever heard of “FrankenSpot?” It’s the DIY effort some businesses take to stitch together a patchwork of disparate digital marketing tools to save money. All to create a toolset that #HubSpot delivers in one seamless experience. If you want to take the simple, more effective path with HubSpot, contact Brainstorm. https://www.brainstormstudio.com/contact-us/
As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on the last twelve months with appreciation for all that we accomplished together, and look forward to a bright year ahead.From all of us at Brainstorm, Happy Holidays — and warmest wishes for a safe, joyous and healthy new year!

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