Leveraging Inbound Marketing for Technology Companies

If you’re like most service providers, hardware or software companies, you want to grow fast. But that’s difficult to do when leads are expensive and tough to close. The solution to your problems just may be inbound marketing. Inbound is a systematic marketing process that educates buyers and turns them into highly qualified sales leads.

Five Reasons to Leverage Inbound Minbarketing for Technology Companies

1. Inbound captures prospects early in the buyers’ journey

Technology purchases tend to very have long sales cycles, typically in the range of 6-12 months. During that time, the buyer will research various solutions and make a series of interactions with technology providers.

Inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to meet the buyer early in the sales cycle and earn their trust, giving you the best chance to make the sale!

2. Inbound targets specific buyer personas

Technology buyers can range from IT Director’s and CTO’s to CEO’s or CFO’s – all of which have different behavior patterns, motivations and goals. So, if you want your marketing to be effective, you need to market differently to each of these buyers. That’s where inbound marketing for technology companies comes in!

3. It helps align sales & marketing

In many organizations, sales and marketing are in separate silos, but not with companies that embrace inbound marketing.

Intelligent Inbound software can help provide sales reps with data and history on leads, such as which pages they viewed on your website. And with closed loop reporting, customer deals can be tracked back to a specific marketing campaigns.

4. Inbound generates highly qualified leads

Because prospects have been thoroughly educated through the buying cycle, inbound leads are more qualified and sales ready than traditional marketing leads. We’ve seen close rates as high as 35% from inbound campaigns!

5. It’s cost effective

According to a study by Search Engine Journal, inbound marketing leads cost 60% less than leads from traditional advertising. Essentially, inbound marketing can do the work of multiple sales people at a fraction of the cost.

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