Target Your Accounts With New Hubspot Account Based Marketing Software

If you’re a HubSpot Professional or Enterprise customer, you may have recently noticed the rollout of features to support Hubspot account based marketing (ABM) strategies. These new tools and tactics have been designed to help businesses better identify and reach high-value customers and sell into large accounts more easily.

The timing for this rollout is great as ABM has quickly become a big deal in the sales and marketing industry; a HubSpot report found that more than 67% of brands have leveraged this approach in 2020.

And for good reason. According to ITSMA, 84% of B2B marketers claim ABM delivers a higher ROI than other strategies. If you haven’t looked into ABM for your business yet, now is a good time to get started.

What is Hubspot Account Based Marketing exactly?

Hubspot ABM is a focused growth strategy that aligns your marketing and sales teams to create personalized and seamless buying experiences for your highest-value accounts.

This is accomplished by defining your ideal customer profile (ICP) and identifying your targeted accounts, then attracting the attention of those accounts’ key stakeholders and tailoring your outreach to engage them.

What are the benefits of Hubspot ABM?

The beauty of ABM is that it weeds out unqualified leads from the start, saving you the wasted time of marketing and selling to businesses you likely wouldn’t get to begin with.

This approach allows marketing and sales teams to pick their accounts together in as little as an hour, shortening the sales cycle and saving you time and money.

ABM tools also allow you to get more personal with your targeted stakeholders, with tailored content instead of blanket messaging. You’re not simply attracting high-value accounts, you are forging deeper relationships through more personalized engagements…all of which leads to higher conversion rates.

What does HubSpot’s ABM have to offer?

Using HubSpot’s fast and intuitive software, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up your ABM strategy with ease: Use workflow templates to define your ideal customer profiles, identify good-fit target accounts, and leverage AI-powered recommendations of target accounts to ensure sales never misses a beat.
  • Enable collaboration across teams: Marketing and Sales can finally use shared tools that unite them around the same data, in the same place. And with Slack capabilities, you’ll have stronger account-based collaboration than ever.
  • Track and measure from end to end: Mark the key milestones throughout an account’s journey, continuously using data to adapt and iterate on your ABM strategy. You can even use company scoring to identify the highest value accounts and help prioritize outreach.
  • Integrate with tools you’re already using: Lean on HubSpot’s rich ecosystem of app and strategic partners (Slack, LinkedIn, RollWorks to help you customize your ABM strategy.
  • Team-friendly packaging to unlock more value: HubSpot’s new tools for ABM are available in Marketing and Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise products, with most of the tools shared between both tiers, making it easier than ever for marketing and sales teams to collaborate.

Benefit from an experienced HubSpot Partner (like us!)

As a HubSpot Gold partner, we can help you fully leverage the power of these new tools for Hubspot account based marketing with a full Hubspot Portal Audit. Contact us today and we’ll provide the guidance to help unite your marketing and sales teams with HubSpot’s collaborative, intuitive ABM software and make selling to high-value accounts easier than ever!

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