The Benefits of a HubSpot Portal Audit

Most of us have owned or used something that had hidden features we knew little or nothing about. Did you know the little arrow on your car’s fuel gauge points to which side your gas tank is on? Or that a red Solo cup can also serve as a measuring cup?

Well, if your company has invested in HubSpot software, you may not be aware of all the added features designed to help you focus your efforts, increase conversions and sales and support your growth in a more efficient manner. If you are blogging, emailing or dabbling with paid ads but not getting the results you need, it might be time to see what HubSpot has hiding under its hood.

That’s why at Brainstorm, we offer HubSpot Audits to discover which marketing and sales content and tactics are performing the best, and what can be improved. Plus, we assess the HubSpot features that you may not be taking full advantage of. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience from a Hubspot audit:

1. Insights on content performance

You may have already created a lot of materials for your website, such as blogs, guides, whitepapers and videos, but how do you know which ones are doing well and which ones are just taking up space? With a Hubspot portal audit, all content for the last 12 months is analyzed for performance, visits, entrances, bounces, time-on-page, conversions and sales. This will help you better align your content with buyer personas and stages of the buyer’s journey, and also ensure you’re optimizing for the right keywords.

2. Emails and workflows

Are you emailing too much, or not enough? How many of your contacts are truly engaged with your campaigns? How does your performance compare to industry standards? A Hubspot audit will answer these questions and more. It will also make recommendations on how to use HubSpot’s workflows, sequences and automation tools to improve efficiency and results for your sales and marketing teams.

3. Improved lead scoring and notifications for sales reps

Without lead scoring, it’s easy for sales teams to get buried in new leads and lost trying to separate the good ones from the bad. Lead scoring is a critical element of growing revenue, but not all systems are as detailed or as comprehensive as they can be. Our Hubspot audit will evaluate your current lead scoring system and make recommendations for improvements, helping your sales team to quickly identify the best-fitting leads.

4. Reporting that’s easy to access, understand and act on

HubSpot’s reporting and analytics are comprehensive but can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. At Brainstorm, we work with you to recommend the best way bring the analytics to visual life, through custom dashboards that measure marketing and sales activities that are most important to your business.

5. Identify gaps

Are you producing a lot of website traffic but little to none of it is converting into leads? Or are you getting plenty of leads, but the contacts are unqualified? We’ll determine whether you have a gap in your website traffic or if the issues are your calls-to-action, content offers and/or your landing pages.

6. Create a plan to improve performance

Now that you’ve identified where the drop-off is with your leads, it’s important to make a plan to remedy these gaps. That’s where an experienced HubSpot Agency Partner (like Brainstorm) comes in. We’ll deliver a detailed report with strategies and tactics to increase results and get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

Contact Brainstorm today for your HubSpot portal audit and we’ll setup a virtual meeting to discuss your goals and discuss the next steps of the process. The final deliverable will be a detailed document with an analysis of your content, campaigns and tools. We’ll also identify gaps and potential issues – and most importantly, will provide a plan to improve performance and maximize your HubSpot investment.

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