What’s Coming to LinkedIn in 2020?

LinkedIn continues to be the premier social network platform when it comes to reaching B2B decision makers, and its benefits go far beyond showcasing your business and, prospecting and recruiting. Over the past few years, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has added many new features to take advantage of changing trends and help marketers better reach their goals.

Here are some of newest product enhancements, available now or in the coming months, including Product Pages, Audience Network Enhancements, Virtual Events and Engagement Retargeting.

New Features Available in 2020:

LinkedIn Events: Stay connected with your community. Integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live enables you to host your event in a trusted environment, attract the right professional audience, and engage them before, during and after.

  • Host public or private events
  • Past, present and upcoming events will be listed on your company’s events tab on their page for increase searchability
  • Company followers will automatically be notified when an event is made
  • Retargeting capabilities for attendees post-event

 Retargeting members based on actions: Reach members throughout the buying process with a tailored ad experience based on actions they’ve taken with your video or lead gen ads (based on view percentage on videos, lead gen form opens and submitted lead gen forms)

Stories Ads: Reach target audiences with full-screen, immersive ads within this new relaxed and engaging environment

Product Pages: Spotlight your products through the voice of your community to build credibility and generate leads

Events Tab: Grow attendance and real-time connections with your professional audience by helping them easily discover your upcoming events

View Page Followers: Get deeper insight into the professionals most engaged with your band with new, deeper analytics

New Features Available in 2021:

Event Ads: Expand the reach of your LinkedIn Event promotion using a new Events Ad format

Document Ads: Upload and sponsor documents, like white papers or case studies, to drive engagement and leads

LinkedIn Business Manager: Efficiently and securely manage user access across Ad Accounts, Pages, Matched Audience.

New Admin Roles: LinkedIn will simplify its hierarchy by having Master Administrators (with complete control), along with post-only and view-only admins (with limited control).

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