5 Rookie Coding Mistakes

Here at Brainstorm, we believe in writing clean, beautiful code that will make your website load fast, run efficiently and index well in search engines. These mistakes will bloat your website code and hinder its performance.

  1. Using Inline CSS
    The purpose of CSS is have all of your styles in one neat place. Using incline CSS defeats this purpose and also penalizes your SEO rankings by making the page difficult to spiders to crawl.
  2. Putting CSS and Javascript in The Header
    You should always try to avoid placing CSS in your HTML, even if it’s in the header. Remember, design should be separate from markup. The only CSS you should have in your header is the link to the external style sheet.
  3. Using Too Many Webfonts
    Although web fonts look great for design, be careful not to use too many of them or your page load time will suffer. Here’s a great tool from Google to show you how fonts affect load time.
  4. Using multiple H1’s
    An H1 is a heading for a page, and each page should only have one. You’ll see a lot of rookies use multiple H1’s per page to try and boost their SEO. But this is considered black hat and is not a good practice.
  5. Improperly formatted HTML
    Here’s a handful of sloppy HTML mistakes that often happen:

    • Missing quotation marks for attribute values
    • Missing closing tags
    • Improper nesting of HTML tags
    • Placing a tags outside of a div tag

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