5 Reasons Why Good Graphic Design Matters

Good, professional graphic design is important to your business. In fact, it’s smart to consider design as an integral part of the success of your business. Thinking anything less would be a disservice to your company’s growth and future success. Listed below are 5 reasons why you should embrace the value of professional design:

  1. Brand Identity
    An expertly designed company logo can go a long way toward establishing an instant connection between your brand and the services that you offer. Just as important, a great design will make your business memorable. You only have on chance to make a good first impression!
  2. Trust
    Bad design leads to distrust. If your site’s design, interface, and overall experience were not adequately planned and executed, visitors won’t stay and leads will not come.
  3. Communication
    Smart logo, web or infographic design will visually communicate your ideas that cannot be expressed by words alone. Remember, your company has only a few moments to get a point across, why waste that time on anything less?
  4. Stand Out From Your Competitors
    Hey, it’s great that Carl from the IT department can pickup a stock photo and a couple of lines of type, slap it into a site and call it marketing. But do you honestly think that it’s setting you apart from your competition?
  5. Money
    This is perhaps the most important reason for good design – especially for those companies that act on their impulse to cut corners by getting their design work done on the cheap: BAD DESIGN WILL ALWAYS COST YOU MORE IN THE LONG RUN. A poor design, though inexpensive at first, will ultimately lead to subsequent re-designs, as well as additional production costs, because:

    • Your target market is not embracing it and is less willing to buy your product or service
    • It cannot be reproduced in other media.

    Is any of that worth saving a few dollars?

There are certainly more reasons to consider the importance of good design, but in my years of experience, I felt that these were perhaps the most necessary to help your company to success. Just remember to think in the long term, because your company’s image, whether good or bad, will be connected to your business for years to come. Make sure that time is profitable by doing it right the first time.

By Frank “Make It Pop” Carfora

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