5 Must-Haves for Every Business Website

Many businesses still treat their websites like brochures: long pages of text that no one reads, unappetizing designs and content without a clear purpose… In recent years, web design and development have grown increasingly sophisticated. If your website is not carefully planned and developed, it’s simply not going to generate new business.

  1. Mobile Friendly Layout
    This year, we are seeing the majority of traffic coming from mobile devices over desktop computers. If your website is not mobile friendly, your users will have a bad experience and leave. Simple as that.
  2. Clear Messaging
    Here’s where a lot of websites get it wrong. Make sure each web page has a clear goal. For example: “Inform prospects that we are the best website designers in New York.” Use titles and headings to communicate major points and support text where necessary. Icons are also a great way to illustrate an idea or offering.
  3. A Call-to-Action
    What do you want your visitors to do? Call? Fill out a form? Make a purchase? Consider what type of action holds the most potential value for your business. Then, encourage visitors to act by placing prominent and compelling calls to action on your website.
  4. Easy-to-Find Contact Information
    Make it as easy as possible for prospects to find your contact info. Have your phone number on every page and a contact page with a link to directions and a map.
  5. Basic SEO
    Search engines are always one of the top traffic sources for websites. But optimizing a website can be a long and cumbersome process. So for starters, make sure each page has a unique title tag, meta description, H1 and keyword rich text. For more information, here’s a link to MOZ’s SEO cheat sheet.

So there you have it – this week’s Friday Five. If your business needs help with a new website – we’d love to hear from you!

By John McHugh

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