The Best Facebook Posts Are Not All About You

Are you looking to grow your Facebook community? Interesting and engaging content is what it takes to gain loyal fans and customers. But, it can sometimes be a challenge to come up with relevant and creative posts. So, here’s a list of ideas that will help keep your fans engaged and your content spreading like wildfire!


Instead of constantly speaking about your products or services, ask your fans what they think.


You can get great feedback from your community with polls. This is a perfect fit for restaurants and menu items.

Fill-in the Blank

It’s always fun to let your fans finish a statement. The best thing about Winter is____________________.

Go Behind the Curtain

Let your fans know about something going on behind the scenes. For example, post photos or a video of a project in progress.


Twitter is all about text and links, but Facebook is much more visual. Try to include a picture in as many posts as you can. And try to crop your photos. Remember, most people are checking Facebook on their smartphones. So, eliminate the negative space and focus on the best part of the picture.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1 million! Videos continue to be one of the most shared types of posts.


People love a quick inspiring or motivational quote. You’ll be surprised how much a good one gets shared.


Celebrate when you hit a certain number of fans. Or if you are close to a certain number, ask fans to recommend your page to their friends and help get you there.

Holidays & Seasons

It’s always great to tie your content in with the holidays and seasons (ie: New Year’s Resolutions. Valentine’s Day Gifts. Tips for Spring, etc.).

These tips should go a long way toward building trust and loyalty with your brand over time. Give them a try and let us know what you think. Your favorite tip in this article is ____________________ ?

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