Why you should be using Slideshare for your business

Most businesses have a stock pile of materials saved as Powerpoint presentations, PDF’s, videos and webinars.These assets are relevant and useful to their company, but can be complicated to view and share online. SlideShare solves this problem by making presentations readily available on SlideShare’s website (which receives 60 million monthly views)and easily shareable through social networks like: Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

What is Slideshare?

SlideShare is a platform that allows people to upload and share slideshow presentations. It can also be used for portfolios, resumes, and other documents. Because it is owned by LinkedIn, it easily integrates into LinkedIn profiles. This makes it easy to share business presentations with your Linkedin viewers, connections and groups. Slideshare contributes to a collaborative and inclusive business model by making presentations available to everyone online. This creates the potential for new leads and more exposure for businesses.

Plus, SlideShare is easy to use. It can be used to share presentations publicly or privately within networks. It can support documents, videos, and PDFs, which allow its users to be creative with their presentations. Having past presentations on SlideShare gives businesses the ability to present an impressive portfolio to potential clients without making them sit through hours of presentations. SlideShare is an important tool for any business that wants its ideas to be found and shared by a wide audience.

Benefits of Using SlideShare

Accessibility:Presentations always have the potential to reach more people. The Internet allows for wider sharing possibilities than have ever been present before. Do not limit access to a presentation to those who physically attended an event or meeting. SlideShare ensures that this content is readily available to anyone who missed the presentation. It is also useful for those who would like to go back and study the material again.

New Leads:SlideShare is also great for introducing new people to past presentation materials. Think of SlideShare as a portfolio of talks and presentations. Anyone online can stumble across this portfolio and discover information on a business. They can then share these presentations with their networks on LinkedIn or other sites, which leads to even greater exposure.

Analytics & Feedback:In many business environments, there are few opportunities to discover how a presentation was received. Slideshare allows people to comment and contribute, providing valuable feedback. Plus, views, comments and shares can be analyzed for a presentation. This is useful for gauging if a presentation provides engagement for a target audience.

SlideShare is a great opportunity for branding, increasing social media presence and generating new business. Give it a try and you’ll see a boring Powerpoint can easily be re-purposed into a fun, interactive presentation!

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