Why You Need to Hire a Marketing Agency

The CEO applauds you for another successful year — and in the same breath increases expectations for future results. “Not to worry,” you reply. Then you worry.

Despite the cliché, even the greatest goods and services can’t just “sell themselves.” You must fill your pipeline with new prospects and customers while also retaining and nurturing your current base.

That takes marketing strategy and resources — yet marketing budgets continue to face the controllers’ ax, according to Gartner’s latest CMO Spend survey. Doing “more with less” (another unwelcome cliché) doesn’t do much if you rely on an undermanned and overworked in-house marketing team or a few scattered freelancers to execute your marketing efforts.

Enter the Marketing Agency

You might be handy enough to install a window or even redo a bathroom, but serious home improvement requires craftsmen with specialized skills. That’s why you hire a contractor who understands your architectural, carpentry and plumbing requirements, and who has also vetted and assembled an entire team for your job.

Likewise, hiring a trusted digital marketing agency gives you access to the expertise of specialists who are primed to serve your various campaign needs — including strategy, content, design, coding, analytics, reporting and more.

Hiring a Marketing Agency can deliver benefits including:

  • Having the tools of the trade — and knowing how to use them. To leverage the technology powering marketing automation, CRM, SEO, social media and analytics, you have to secure the budget, integrate it into your existing systems, and train your staff. By hiring a reputable marketing agency, you’ll gain access to the professional tools they use each and every day and benefit from enhanced analytics and insights about your campaigns.
  • Cost efficiency, flexibility and scale. With hiring a marketing agency you’re solely paying for marketing deliverables — not the salaries and benefits of your own full-time employees. You can have them on retainer, ready to contribute as needed. Or you can sunset their efforts as projects wind down — and ramp them up again for the next deadline, product launch or conference.
  • Industry expertise. Hiring a marketing agency that is well-versed in your specific business sector gives you considerable advantages. For instance, an agency that works mainly with B2B, manufacturing and high-tech clients would know the latest developments in these areas and be able to create high quality content to deliver results – with less hand-holding from your team.
  • The freedom for you to focus on what you do best. Having an agency manage your marketing lets you work on business activities directly in your scope, whether it’s product development, research, sales or other crucial tasks.
  • Measurable results. To get started, most agencies offer pilot programs or starter plans to demonstrate their ability to meet your needs and get some quick wins, which allows you to make the case to management for a more in-depth agreement.

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