5 Tips to Increase B2B Website Lead Conversions

Remember when your latest website went live? You might have eagerly alerted your customers. Perhaps you threw a launch party.

But what was supposed to be a fertile channel for generating and converting leads has become a dead end for your digital marketing dreams. And the C-suite is demanding an improvement strategy that doesn’t include the words “Let’s build a new brand-new website.”

Fortunately, you don’t need to start from scratch. At Brainstorm, after developing hundreds of B2B websites, we’ve learned several ways to supercharge any underperforming site, regardless of industry, audience, or budget — some requiring a bit of investment and research, others that can be acted on right now — to boost your web presence and net those leads.

Here are our 5 Tactical Tips to Increase B2B Website Lead Conversions:

  1. Think about the Customer Journey
  2. Write strong CTAs
  3. Shorten your forms
  4. Add a tasteful pop-up
  5. Employ a chatbot

Think about the Customer Journey

Most customers don’t make spontaneous buying decisions. Rather, they move through a series of stages in their buying journey: awareness, consideration, decision, and hopefully, delight (after the sale). Presenting targeted calls-to-action to potential customers at each of these key stages can increase both the quantity and quality of your leads. Rather than bombarding them with “Buy Now” buttons on every page of your site, consider calls-to-action that move them through the buyer’s journey. A blog designed to generate awareness, for example, might lead to a whitepaper that deepens consideration. And this whitepaper, in turn, might conclude with an offer-based CTA, like a free consultation, designed to elicit a buying decision.

Write strong CTAs

Your content is strong. Your visitors are engaged and ready to act … but do they know what to do next (and how to do it)? Depending on your business, a strong call to action might boost newsletter subscriptions, webinar attendance, or something as simple as immediate sales. Your CTA language should be targeted and to-the-point, as well as easy to identify. And keep testing to see which offers help acquire the most contacts, downloads, or sales.

Shorten your forms

Gated content is a great way to generate a lead in exchange for access to additional content, but don’t let “gated” mean “locked down like Fort Knox.” Nobody likes filling in ten fields of info to get a free resource. In fact, an email address might be all you’ll need — and all a new visitor may be willing to share. If you’re patient, and if the content you’re offering is worthwhile, you’ll work your way to learning more about your leads.

Add a tasteful pop-up.

Excessive pop-up windows were the bane of the early era of digital marketing, but a tasteful, targeted pop-up can be a useful tool within the proper context. Your website likely offers many browsing paths, so a pop-up can help focus attention on something you want to highlight, like a free guide or newsletter signup. Just be sure not to overdo your popups, or you’ll look an Angelfire site from 1997.

Employ a chatbot.

Chat technology has evolved from a simple messaging tool to an automated, highly programmable toolset that helps qualify leads, book meetings, provide answers to common customer support questions, and more. If you use a marketing software tool like Hubspot, data collected by your chatbot will sync with your CRM, where it can serve as a trigger for automated email marketing workflows and other advanced functionality.
These best practices should get you started on improving your website to maximize conversions and sales — and are also helpful to keep in mind if you’re still in the early phases of development. Brainstorm has launched hundreds of B2B sites, and we’ve also executed campaigns that drive leads to those websites. To learn how we can improve your overall marketing and branding efforts, contact us at the form below.

Website development and design is a journey. At Brainstorm, we are constantly monitoring our clients’ sites to find new ways to optimize and increase conversions. And as a HubSpot-certified partner agency, we have the latest tools and analytics to run campaigns and measure success.

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