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Essentium is a manufacturer of innovative industrial 3D printers and materials, serving a variety of large organizations across the globe. Recently, the company experienced rapid growth, in large part because of its HSE 3D Printers, which feature breakthrough speed and accuracy. Their website, however, fell short on capturing the innovative, forward-thinking company Essentium is. They needed a marketing agency that excels in web development and understands high-tech and manufacturing sectors.
Services Provided:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Website Development
  • SEO & Paid Search
  • Collateral Design

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Our web design team developed a custom WordPress site with the user experience in mind, mapping out the site flow to ensure visitors can find the products and resources they’re looking for easily. We also populated the site with information to guide manufacturers through the buyer’s journey, including product comparisons, materials finder and an ROI calculator. Along with web development, we also initiated SEO and inbound marketing programs, providing educational content, from blogs to webinars to white papers, plus email workflows that highlight the benefits of using Essentium’s HSE printer and materials for specific applications.

Responsive Design for the Technology Sector


After the website and inbound programs were launched, website traffic increased by 52% in just three months. The average time spent on the website increased 50%, demonstrating the site’s content proved more engaging to the audience. Most importantly, there was a 94% increase in leads for the first quarter of the inbound marketing program, compared to the previous quarter.

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