5 Smartphone Apps Every Digital Marketer Should Use

With so many new products in the smartphone app marketplace, how can a busy digital marketing director find time to test and evaluate them? Our jobs are demanding enough without having to set aside countless hours just to figure out which tools to use on the job. If you can identify with this dilemma, you may be in luck: the Brainstorm staff has compiled its own list of highly effective, low maintenance iPhone apps perfectly suited to the unique requirements of digital marketers. Here it goes:


SEO Pro provides a quick summary of all your online marketing, keeping track of everything from Facebook shares to MOZRank. It also does a great job of indexing information so that you can quickly access it later on. Best of all, it displays up-to-date stats in a simple, highly readable format that is perfect for on-the-go monitoring.


Simply put, Basecamp rules! It is the world’s leading cloud-based Project Management app, known for its powerful collaboration tools and addictive simplicity. If you use Basecamp on your desktop, the Smartphone app provides a simple, streamlined means for managing projects on-the-go. Check in on project updates, add notes, or send comments to the project team. And if you need to access project documents, those are full accessible from your smartphone as well.


HootSuite connects to Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare for simultaneous account management. Use it to post from your phone and to schedule updates or even marketing campaigns. Having all three networks in one place will save you time and help guarantee that you’re sending out consistent information to all of your readers.

Feedly News Reader

Feedly aggregates posts via RSS from sites that you choose to follow. Keep up on your favorite content throughout the day without having to open multiple apps. Feedly also allows you to share content, making it easy to stay connected to your network without juggling multiple accounts. Feedly even syncs content between your tablet and phone so that you can work from either of them at your convenience.


Another great app for tracking marketing statistics is HubSpot. It employs beautiful graphs and a simple layout to help you follow your progress in generating site traffic, leads, and customers. It can also compare results, helping you to analyze which of your marketing campaigns is proving to be the most successful. And of course, it allows you to manage your HubSpot accounts in one place so that you can stay on top of your marketing tasks.

There are other apps out there, some well-suited to the weighty task of digital marketing and some lagging behind. If you have the time to explore, don’t let the lemons discourage you: chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for if you search hard enough. If, on the other hand, you just can’t find the time to do the research, try our suggestions above and stay tuned for future Brainstorm blogs on the subject – considering the proliferation of smartphone apps, I’m sure we’ll be revisiting the subject very soon!

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