5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Embrace Local SEO

SEO is a tricky subject. Ask ten different people what they think it actually is, you might get ten different answers. We all can agree, though… it’s essential to building a prolific online presence. Local SEO, specifically, offers businesses an opportunity to hit the consumer where it counts – the exact location they’re searching from.

Small businesses everywhere are rolling out blogs and Facebook pages with one unifying theme in mind: showing up on the first page of that Google search. Location-based services are a beginning to play a major factor in this.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider upping the digital ante for your own interests. He who plays "Big Brother" will win:

Increased Visibility

Simple enough, no? There’s tons of digital retail space available, it’s up to you whether or not you snatch it first. Strategizing accordingly will increase your ranking, getting you those oh-so-needed eyeballs. If you don’t corral the eyeballs closest to your location, you’ll probably have a hard time.

Legitimate Relevance

The main objective for someone crafting a local SEO strategy is to give the consumer a sensible option. Why should the consumer be met with non-relevant search results? If your barber shop/restaurant/clothing store is closer to their location, it should come up first. This is a location service.


Smart phones. Every company is trying to find a way to translate well to the small screen. Think of the apps you most use, and ask yourself how many of them offer some form of location-based service. Naturally, you’ll want to be on board with this. The ability for a consumer to use a search engine to pick up your location while they’re on the go could do wonders for your bottom line.


Simply put, if they’re closer to you they’ll probably visit you first. It’s natural for people to select the first option that comes up, hence the scramble to be first on Google’s front page.


Building on Conversion, local consumers will seek to support their local businesses. That is, of course, if they know that business exists. Build your Facebook presence; engage with new social media like Google+. Whether it’s Yelp!, Twitter or Pinterest, you’ll find that people are more than willing to discuss their experiences online. Given that this media is now available via apps (drawing back to Mobile), you have a rapidly growing medium at your fingertips.

It isn’t rocket science; building a Local SEO strategy is actually rooted in common sense. Make yourself visible, make yourself known, and use what you have in front you. While intimidating to some, businesses have the ability to connect like never before.

By John McHugh

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