4 Ways To Build Your Exposure With Instagram

You know, for a billion dollars, Facebook had better know what it’s doing.

Judging Instagram’s burgeoning popularity, it probably made the right call in overpaying for a company that commands the hearts and uploads of millions of users. Instagram grows everyday, and your business should probably be jumping aboard. The question is, how can you optimize exposure on such a simple platform?

Know Your Hashtags

Perhaps even more so than Twitter users, Instagram users are extremely hashtag savvy. Like Twitter, users will search hashtags to find content of interest to them. Clothing companies who target the younger demographic are a prime example. For example, a company marketing snap-back hats will take photos of their new line and upload them. They’ll then load these pictures up with tags like “#snapback #blackfriday #shopping #clothes #hats”. Research what similar companies are tagging. You have incredible access to your competition and your consumer base via hashtagging.

Continue To Be Relevant

Opening a new store? Post a picture of it, say where it is, when it’ll open, what you’re offering. As mentioned, you have unprecedented access to your consumer base. You want to drive traffic, of course – Instagram-related promotions often prove effective. You can run giveaways based off the first hundred likes, or based on whoever re-posts your product and tags you in it. There’s creative ways to stimulate your consumers, find what works for you. As always, check in on the competition.

Sync Your Instagram Account

Bring Your Community Together

Your social following is, indeed, a community. Regardless of what your brand is, it no doubt plays a role in the lifestyle of the consumer you target. Establish a hashtag relevant to your company and encouraging followers to use it (it wouldn’t hurt to shout them out to, #repost is to the IGer what a retweet is to a Twitter user).

Instagram is a simple and easy to use medium with a few less hoops to jump through than the other juggernauts. It offers a type of visual interaction not quite achievable through Twitter or Facebook. The beauty is that it is such a malleable service, so there’s room for you to forge a strategy you feel would best suit your businesses’ needs.

By John McHugh

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