5 Killer Tips to Maximize the Power of Google

1. Don’t Ignore your Google MyBusiness Profile
Between Google +, Google Maps, Google Local and various other Google properties, the Google-sphere can be very overwhelming. But don’t let that stop you from optimizing your business’s Google profile, which may be one of the most valuable web marketing tools at your disposal. Start by visiting Google MyBusiness, where you can claim your business, optimize your web presence, and be found by customers across Google.

2. Run a Google Adwords Campaign – Even if you Don’t Believe in Paid Advertising
In addition to generating sales, an Adwords campaign will bring visitors to your site right away – and all of that traffic offers a wealth or valuable data. You will gain demographic data, keyword data, behavioral data… and this data can be used to better optimize your website and to help you create relevant, meaningful content.

3. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner
To boost your SEO, you’ll need to focus on the most valuable keywords for your business. Chances are you know what many of these keywords are, but for a truly comprehensive list, try using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Though Keyword Planner was designed to help clients plan their AdWords campaigns, it can be used to plan organic SEO campaigns as well.

4. Create a YouTube Channel
Youtube has been a Google property since 2006. It is one of the most user-friendly solutions for hosting company videos, allowing you to annotate and optimize video content and add clickable calls-to-action that drive traffic back to your website. The value of web video can not be overestimated and YouTube is the ideal platform for hosting and promoting it.

5. Establish Clear and Simple KPI’s in Google Analytics
For this tip, we are going to assume you are already a Google Analytics user: To simplify your Google Analytics workflow, define 5-10 key performance indicators (KPI’s) and review them on a regular basis. These might include web visits, time on site, goal conversions, or any other factor that is most relevant to your business’s success. Take the time to choose your KPI’s wisely and review them on a regular basis. By sticking to a few key metrics and not getting lost in Analytics’ innumerable data points, you’ll save time and simplify your workflow.

By Bryan Lesseraux

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