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Wave Business is a leading provider of business-class broadband solutions, serving West Coast businesses of all sizes. Wave turned to Brainstorm for strategies to help build awareness of their internet and voice solutions, boost social media engagement, and increase business leads.

Services Provided:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search

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We developed and implemented an aggressive multi-channel, digital lead generation program, consisting of email campaigns promoting new offers, plus programmatic display and paid search ads. We also created articles and white papers on high-interest industry topics and trends, which presented Wave as a thought leader in the communications services space. Through it all, we managed all social media posts and interactions to keep users informed and engaged. This digital program has helped Wave build its brand awareness, promote its key services, and increase new business leads.


Our social media push resulted in a substantial growth in followers, engagement and post clicks. Net follower growth on Twitter rose 604% and on LinkedIn, it rose 258%. Paid search ad campaigns delivered a steady stream of leads per month, and our inbound marketing materials increased website traffic significantly, as well as the average time spent on the site.

Digital Whitepaper Marketing


Case Study

Brainstorm Uses Inbound Marketing to
Help Cloud Services Provider Stand Out

The Challenge

After their parent company Data Storage Corporation (DTST) went public on NASDAQ, CloudFirst needed to demonstrate significant growth by raising brand awareness and increasing revenue for their subscription-based cloud services to keep shareholders happy.

The problem was two-fold: First, not every company is ready to migrate IT services to the cloud; some decision-makers are reluctant due to data security and performance concerns, making every lead more valuable. Second, cloud services is a highly competitive market for with several big players such as Amazon and Google dominating the industry. But CloudFirst had a niche in the IBM Power Systems market that was the center of its go-to-market strategy, content, and website that was not being fully exploited.

The Solution

Brainstorm planned and executed an inbound marketing program, supplemented by highly relevant content in the form of blogs, guides, white papers, videos, and webinars to drive qualified prospects to CloudFirst's website and help educate visitors on the unique benefits of its cloud-based solutions to resolve any hesitancy about safely migrating to the cloud

The content, developed by Brainstorm technical writers in partnership with CloudFirst subject matter experts, specifically addressed the pain points organizations often experienced with IT services and proven examples of how CloudFirst's solutions have helped others. The content was carefully coordinated with SEO keyword research to maximize organic search traffic, while also driving traffic with paid Google and LinkedIn ads.

Top-of-the-funnel content such as blogs were made available for immediate download on the website, while gated content offers (in-depth white papers, webinars, and guides) were used to capture contact information for qualified leads.

All contacts were stored in CloudFirst's HubSpot CRM and graded using a customized lead scoring system so they could be prioritized for appropriate follow-up by the CloudFirst team. Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) were nurtured with a series of emails to move prospects along, while Sales qualified leads (SQLs) were quickly elevated to the sales team to schedule meetings and provide quotes. All campaigns and activities were managed with HubSpot software and synced with the clients' Salesforce CRM.

Services Provided

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Automation
  • HubSpot to SalesForce Integration
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search
  • Website Development

Data Storage Corporation

The Results

The inbound marketing program has proven to be so successful in delivering highly qualified and cost-effective leads that CloudFirst has seen a 400% return on investment (ROI) for five straight years (2017 to 2022).

Today, the inbound marketing campaign and associated content continue to evolve to maintain relevancy in the face of the latest trends and threats to the IT community. In the first half of 2022, Leads continue to increase, up 21% compared to the prior year. The program continues to be a major part of CloudFirst’s growth strategy going forward, along with an emphasis on recruiting channel partners and expanding their geographical footprint.



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Return on Investment

CA Technologies: Performance Management

CA Technologies: Performance Management


Prompted by the success of an earlier dimensional mailer campaign executed by Brainstorm, CA Technologies approached us to develop a new promotion for CA Performance Management. The goal was to show communications service providers (CSPs) how this new tool for monitoring mega-sized networks will not only help offer superior network performance
, but will also drive profitable revenue growth.

CA Marketing Ad Campaign


Inspired by CA Performance Management’s flexible dashboard, Brainstorm designed a promotional mailer with a car thematic, demonstrating how this tool puts CSPs in the driver’s seat. Support copy detailed how CA Performance Management helps them monitor their entire network and speed problem solving, while also highlighting its revenue-generating possibilities. Included in the mailer was a useful—and thematically tied—high-end premium: an emergency roadside kit to solve troublesome issues when they’re on the go!

Data Storage Mobile


CA shipped the mailer to 350 prospects. Sales teams followed up with each recipient and gained 77 (22%) new prospects that showed an interest in purchasing. Among the interested CSPs was a large telecommunications firm that has long been a key prospect for CA.

  • Concept development
  • Creative direction
  • Promotional item research and acquisition
  • Package design, production, assembly and fulfillment
  • Printing and mailing

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