7 Strategies for Getting Links to Your Site

In the effort to make your awesome website a popular one as well, incoming links are key! Google factors in how many websites are linking towards yours when determining how your site will rank for a given search query. That’s all fine and well, but how do site owners go about getting these magical links? We’ve put together a list of seven relatively easy strategies to help you do just that…

1. Join Member Associations

Some member associations, such as your local chamber of commerce or other trade organizations, list businesses in their online directories as a benefit of membership. Evaluate membership fees and estimated distribution of the directory to make sure benefits outweigh costs. Keep in mind as well that member associations can connect you with highly targeted audiences – a benefit that goes beyond the link they provide to your website.

2. Submit to Directories

One of the best places to begin getting links to your website is through online directories. DMOZ, webworldindexGimpsy, and other popular directories accept submissions and provide searchable links to your site once it is approved. We recommend submitting only to directories with a Google page rank of 3 or better, and doing it slowly over a period of months (too many too fast might set off alarm bells at Google). And keep an eye out for directories geared towards your specific industry, as these may be even more valuable from the search engines’ perspective. Here’s a good list of quality free directories along with their Google page ranks: www.greatdirectories.org

3. Pay for a Listing

Many directories require payment in exchange for a listing. That’s OK as long as the directory is popular, highly ranked, and relevant. Yahoo, BOTW, and Business.com all rank highly and can bring benefits to your site through paid listings. Before signing on with any paid directory, do a little research to make sure it isn’t a link farm, which is essentially a form of search engine spamming. Here’s a good list of quality paid directories along with their Google page ranks: www.greatdirectories.org

4. Submit a Tip

Submitting tips is an easy, fun, and effective way to build links back to your site. Keep an eye out for websites with blogs that allow users to post comments or responses to other articles. Make it a habit to offer advice, information, or other meaningful content with a link back to your own website. Not all sites will allow you to add a link, but many will.

5. Attend a Tradeshow

Attending a tradeshow can be costly, so why not take full advantage of the services they offer. Many tradeshows nowadays have websites with links to attendees. In some cases, you they may even provide a company description and detailed contact information. Due to the popularity of these websites, the links they provide can be very valuable from the search engines’ perspective.

6. Publish videos on YouTube

It’s great if your videos go viral, but that’s the exception. Just create great content your customers will love. You’ll see plenty of examples on YouTube of videos for cooking, fitness, home improvement, and more. And while you are there, consider posting a video response to other YouTube videos that target your intended audience.

7. Offer a Discount

Everybody loves a discount! That’s why discount sites like Groupon, Living Social and Gilt are getting tons of traffic and generating sales for businesses. Post a discount on your site, on Facebook, and on your Twitter feed and watch the offer spread. Many portal websites such as Citysearch or Yelp will also let local businesses post special offers.

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