5 Necessities for Running Facebook Contests

Running a Facebook contest can be very beneficial to your business, but it’s important to thoroughly prepare and be aware of proper rules and procedures in order to ensure your contest is legal and runs smoothly. Here are 5 things you need in order to run a successful Facebook contest:

  1. A Good Strategy
    Before you run a contest, map out your contest strategy and goals. How are you going to run your contest? What will you and participants gain from the contest? By planning ahead, you’ll save time and frustration later.
  2. A Desirable Incentive
    This goes without saying, but without a good incentive, there’s less of a chance you’ll get good engagement and interactions on your contest. If your page is for a restaurant, for example, a small gift card is a great prize.
  3. An Easy Barrier-to-Entry
    This highly depends on your page’s fan base. Does your brand or business have an active and passionate community? Ask them to create something or submit a photo to enter your contest, which can then be repurposed on your page as user generated content. If not, it may be in your best interest to stick to a simple route-of-entry, such as liking, commenting, or gaining likes on a comment.
  4. Official Rules, Terms and Eligibility Info
    Regulating your contest can save a lot of frustration later on, so it’s important to provide official rules to your participants so they know exactly how to enter and win a contest. Additionally, you must comply with regional laws and acknowledge that Facebook doesn’t sponsor the contest despite hosting it on their platform. Make sure you are familiar with Facebook’s Page Guidelines before running your contest.
  5. Facebook Ads
    Use Facebook Ads to help expand the reach of your contest. With Facebook Ads, you can reach beyond the fans of your page and generate interest among potential customers.

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